Fishing Show 2019

The Fishing Show returns to SYMA!


Due to this years calendar we are left with just a little bit until the autumn that always brings something new in fishing. Slowly the temperatures are going down and we observe more and more leafs on the ground. This is the period for the biggest fish, now is the season of the predators. It’s important do be prepared in this period, to have new baits, new rods, reels, and all the important information, because without the important stuffs we can have the best equipment for nothing. The Fishing Show in october is the perfect oportunity to find out all the new stuff, to recharge our batteries, to relax, and to find out all you wanna know about the fishing gear on the market.


In the last years i participated at a lot of fishing shows and to me this Fishing Show is very dear due to the fact that we can meet all the big fishing companies, and all of their products and this feeling to me is overwhelming. It’s incredible how many people love fishing, and to see all of them in one place is fantastic to me. These meeting are special, are quite real and are a special experience.


Here everything is about fishing, in a special way, thats why it’s called Show. On the scene we can see all day long special and interesting presentations from a lot of fishing pro’s from all around the world that share with the people their thoughts, their knowledges that otherwise we could only see on tv. On the artificial river bank the visitors can test the newest lures and receive usefull advices about their usage, about jerking them etc. I couldn’t find another place like this in the whole Europe also with a lot of known spinning anglers.


In the same time with the help of the fishing simulators we can try directly how it feels to have a drill with a huge catfish or with a big barbell. In the fashion show we can admire new clothing lines on the most beautifull girls, and also having a non stop oportunity to meet with very big names in fishing. You can meet, Ács József, Bokor Károly, Benzár Zsolt, Döme Gábor, Csörgő Tamás, Lukácsi Béla, Kovács Adrián, Szilvási Szilárd, Walter Tamás – there are just some of the names that will be present between 23 and 25 october at SYMA, where we await you with a lot of sales and big prizes!

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Text: Jéger Szabolcs