The autumn Fishing Show edition has ended with thousands of visitors and hundreds of thousands of prizes

The Fishing Show embraced it’s visitors again with well known exhibitors and fishing equipment. Happilly, thousands of anglers and fishing passionats considered to visit the Fishing Show although we are in the middle of the season or at the start of the spinning season.


The crowd was into a continuous movement through the stands and the exhibitors made all they could to help their customers

Within the charity auction we succesfully raised over 500 000 forint, sum that we donated to Bator Camp. The participant had the oportunity to bid for valuable fishing equipment at very low prices. Thanks to firms like Colmic or Energofish, the visitors could make fantastic bussinesses at the Fishing Show, all people involved had to win, although the real winners were the kids from Bator Camp and the persons that had the courage to participate at the auctions.


The stage programs were a real success this year too

Known Hungarian fishing representatives, also world champions were on the stage talking to the crowd and all day long were tombolas and presentations.


The World Champions occupied the stage: Szilvási Szilárd, Szákovics Imre, Magyar Gábor, Walter Tamás, Csillag László (Csőregi Balás is missing from the picture and also team captain, Szénási Béla)


Walter Tamás offered for the auction the t-shirt that he weared at the World Championship because he cared a lot for Bator Camp and also the Fishing Show

The spinning presentations at the Fising Show were organised in unique European conditions that made possible for the well knowed anglers to use over one hundred lures in the build swimming pool.



The Energofish Feeder Team mmber Szabó Bence was for the first time on stage and it’s presentation was very succesfull


After the presentation Jankovich Krisztián stayed for many hours to discuss with the visitors and to give usefull tips to the ones interested


At The One stand visitors were welcomed by Ács József and Paál Norbert

We let the pictures talk about the Fishing Show atmosphere. As an ending we can say that nobody regreted visiting us.













Thanks to Gerócs Balázs and Soponyai Dóra for the photos!

You can find more photos on the Fishing Show Facebook page!